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Why Cybersecurity Requires Artificial Intelligence?

Each and every organization, big or small, transfer and receive a large number of data every day, both nationally and internationally through networks and online devices. This data could be an organization’s personal or financial data, or any sort of other important information, which, if get leaked then can lead to major consequences or security issues. This type of information is often prone to attack by any external interference because of insufficient cybersecurity measures. The detection of cyber threats manually is not an easy task. It requires a long chain of data analysis for identifying the details (like identification and effect on the system) of the threat. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a scalable way to ensure the security of the organization.

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Artificial Intelligence is re-evaluating every aspect of cybersecurity today. From upgrading the organization’s ability to predict data threats, attack breaching and protecting the proliferating number of threat surfaces with Zero Trust Security frameworks to make passwords obsolete, AI is essential in securing the perimeters of any business. The objective of Artificially intelligent systems is to function intelligently and independently, just like humans. At Jellyfish Technologies, we build super cool intelligent technologies based on a simple approach. Our engineers have worked on predicting stocks, weather, spam emails, and more using TensorFlow. If you are searching for artificial intelligence development company, feel free to contact us. Read More: -

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