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Why Sports Technology Is Considered Revolutionary?

Bygone days, mankind was actively engaged in physical activities like hunting, swimming, trekking, mountain climbing, running, etc. In the prehistoric era, having a fit body was an essential part to survive the harsh conditions.

Over time, it became a daily activity or we can say sports that used to be enjoyed in our leisure time and afterward a whole new industry evolved around them. Who thought that science will have a collaboration with sports? Yes, initially you may not see any obvious link between sports and science, but it is all around the industry. The TV you watch in your bedroom, the protective gear you use while playing, the heart monitors, analytics, fantasy sports apps these are all forms of science, and it is all around us.

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From virtual reality infused sports viewing experiences to safer helmets and enhanced athletic data and performance, technology is extremely altering the world of sports. As it continues to evolve, the barriers between fans, athletes, and teams will likely continue to flatten out so that sports invite more cross-platform participation than ever before. Jellyfish Technologies is providing sports application development services to some of the leading startups and conventional companies. We understand the technology, compliances, user expectations and have the experience of delivering sports and leisure products. Read more: -


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